Business Start-Up Cost Compared to Office Space at Merris Business Center

Office Space at Merris Business Center is more affordable.

Spoiler alert! You know that the cost of starting a business and leasing a traditional office space  will be far more than the cost of office space at Merris Business Center. But let’s just look at the numbers anyway. They are quite impressive.

The Scenario

Let’s consider a small business for our example, and let’s say it’s going to be you, an assistant, and a receptionist to start. You’ll need two offices, a reception area, and a conference room. 

Start-up Expenses for Traditional Office Space

Executive office furniture1,800
Assistant’s office furniture1,400
Reception area desk and furniture1,600
Conference room furniture1,500
Phone system800

A recent search of found a 946 square foot office space in Franklin, TN, for $36 per square foot. The space is a “shell,” so you would have to build it out to your specific needs. Let’s look at your start-up expenses.

Start-up Expenses for Office Space at Merris Business Center

If you lease from Merris Business Center, your cost to walk in the door is zero. You have the reception area with a receptionist and a phone system, your two offices, and a conference room. You just bring your own computer, and you are ready to open for business. An added savings for you is the fact that the offices, reception area, and conference room are already tastefully decorated, plus you have access to a high definition printer, copier, and fax machine (a la carte).

Annual Expense Comparison

Now let’s look at a comparison of the annual expenses.

Annual Expenses for Franklin TN Office

Yearly Rent$34,056
CAM Fees2,700
Internet (Fiber Optic)960
Receptionist Salary + Benefits35,000

Annual Expenses for Merris Business Center Offices

Yearly RentUnder $20,000
CAM Fees0
Internet (Fiber Optic)0
Receptionist Salary + Benefits0
TotalUnder $20,000

So your annual savings with Merris Business Center is an impressive $56,056! But don’t forget about the start-up expenses you save in the first year. That makes a total saving of $75,506 when you lease your space from Merris. The comparison speaks for itself.

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