Business Virtual Office vs. a Home Office

These days, both self-employed and corporate employees are working from home as well as from a business virtual office. The practice of working away from the “corporate offices” started in the late 1980’s, and, like anything new, had its skeptics. Statistics show that employers had nothing to fear. People who work from home accomplish as much or more than employees who work at the corporate offices. Entrepreneurs also can now work from home without the fear that potential new clients will not take them seriously.

But. . .

There are still a few problems for some self-employed professionals who work from home. These professionals would benefit from blending their home office with a virtual office. If you fall into this category, click the link to learn more about theĀ virtual office Nashville offers at the Merris Business Center.

Do You Need a Business Virtual Office?

Virtual Business Office-Office Space in Brentwood TNYou are a good candidate for a virtual office if several of the following apply:

  • Your children or your barking dog can be heard in the background when you are on a business call.
  • Too many of your phone calls go to message because you are in the middle of “family matters.”
  • You don’t really have a quiet and private place in your home to meet with clients.
  • You don’t have a private, quiet room in your home that is large enough to serve as a conference room for meeting with several people at once.
  • You don’t have a good parking area for clients.
  • You are restricted from having clients come to your home by your HOA or city/county zoning codes.
  • Your home is not centrally located or convenient for clients.

The Best of Both Worlds

If you live in the southern part of greater Nashville, the Merris Business Center is the perfect place to find office space in Brentwood TN. There you can have:

  • an assigned telephone number and voicemail box included
  • a receptionist to answer calls and take messages
  • a professional business address with mail service
  • access to day offices and meeting rooms with WiFi
  • unlimited coffee service
  • ample free parking