This Successful Entrepreneur Touts the Benefits of a Virtual Office When Starting a New Business

Williamson County is a fantastic place for new start-ups. The Nashville area alone is home to more than 1.9 million people and has over 40,000 businesses. Williamson County is consistently one of the nation’s fastest growing counties.

So, you’re in a business-friendly area of the country, and you have a great idea for a business. That’s a good beginning. But hold on! Before you quit your job to start your own business, take some advice from someone who has done it successfully.

Building Your Business in Your Spare Time

Sarah Blakely, the genius behind Spanx, advises you to make sure you are passionate about what you want to do or sell. She advises you to get up early in the morning and work on your business before you start your “day job.” Work on it in the evenings after work, at lunch time, and on the weekends.

Establishing Credibility

So, if you are passionately working on your new business idea, what’s next? Establish credibility. Find ways to present a professional, established look while you are still employed full time.

Here are a few easy ways to give your new business a professional look while still employed:

  • Get a business address and business phone number by renting a Virtual Office in Nashville.
  • Publish a website.
  • Get a Google Business Page listing.

The Virtual Office Solution

Merris Business Center offers Virtual Offices in Brentwood TN. With a prestigious location and a full-support staff, you can be “open for business” even when you are still at your full-time job. Learn more about the services we offer with a Virtual Office.

And once you quit your job, you may want to trade in your Virtual Office for a real office. Merris Business Center also offers furnished and unfurnished office space in Brentwood, TN, as well as short-term executive office suites with a corporate setting and support staff.

Some Final Advice

Bill Gates, of Microsoft fame, points out that while success may feel better than failure, failures teach you the most and give you the best opportunities to grow. So, don’t be afraid to make mistakes! Learn from them.