How to Escape from Working from Home during COVID-19

Are you working from home during COVID-19? Well then, right about now you are probably just about ready to go crazy working from home. Because, as your new office space, your home has endless distractions:

  • the “To Do” list
  • the dog barking
  • the kids
  • the TV blaring
  • the laundry piling up

Working before Covid-19

not working from home during COVID-19
Before COVID-19, were you “setting up shop” in a coworking space? Are you afraid that getting back to the shared workspace might not be a good idea? Working in close contact with lots of different people who just drop in probably isn’t really a good alternative right now. So, what can you do to simultaneously keep working, keep your sanity, and stay healthy?

A Good Alternative to Working from Home during COVID-19

So what’s the alternative? The answer might be renting a private office in a business center like Merris Business Center in Brentwood, TN. Business centers offer spaces that are more appropriate for social distancing. Learn more about Merris Business Center’s day offices and meeting rooms that are available during COVID-19.

Many times coworking spaces have individual offices to rent like business centers. But they are typically more expensive than renting from a business center. Additionally, they usually are not full-service offices. And finally, you could end up paying for more time than you actually use via membership fees. (Many coworking spaces sell memberships, which only gives you a discount on your hourly rate. If you don’t use enough hours, your total discount doesn’t cover the cost of the membership, and you end up actually paying more per hour.)

Merris Business Center Has Office Space Available Now

Merris Business Center is a full-service center that offers office suites, individual offices, meeting rooms, and virtual offices. You can rent by the day or by the month, and there is never a long-term contract. No membership fees or hidden costs. Being locally owned and operated, Merris Business Center is easy to work with and eager to accommodate customers’ needs.