Returning to the Workplace after COVID-19

returning to the workplace with social distancing
Tennessee state government recommends COVID-19 protocols for all businesses in Tennessee to reopen safely. However, some businesses may find returning to the workplace difficult because their workplace is too small. They may not be able to meet the state guidelines for social distancing. For example, you may have a conference room that can no longer accommodate the same number of people at a distance of 6 feet.  The same is true for training rooms or break rooms. Another problem could be the close proximity of work stations or office cubicles.

What to Do If Returning to the Workplace Isn’t Possible

If your workplace just doesn’t meet the requirements, consider the many solutions that Merris Business Center in Brentwood offers. You can:

  • rent furnished offices by the day with no long-term commitment.
  • access high-speed internet.
  • use the large conference rooms or training rooms.
  • use the break-room and kitchen area.
  • take advantage of administrative support, such as phone answering.

Another benefit of using temporary space at Merris Business Center is that we take care of all the extra cleaning. And we also provide the signage on COVID-19 health policies. Our receptionist can also screen visitors and vendors.

You can easily make the transition from Merris back to your location when returning to the workplace is possible. It’s all very simple.

Merris Business Center Offers Virtual Offices Too

If you are searching for the best virtual office Nashville has to offer, you need to check out the Merris Business Center. Merris Business Center has a prestigious address right in the heart of Brentwood, TN, on Maryland Way.

Our full-service virtual offices deliver all the services of a full-time office without the “full-time” price. And we specialize in tailoring our services to meet your needs. Prices range from $69 to $250 per month, depending on the services you choose. Give us a call today for a quote.